Love for Syria’s DOUBLE THE HOPE 2023 Christmas Campaign

When I first heard that the organization Hope for Appalachia provides Christmas presents to children from rural Kentucky who wouldn’t receive gifts otherwise, I felt a pain in my heart for those kids.

Then we at Love for Syria started brainstorming how we all can get involved….

OUR MISSION:  To DOUBLE the HOPE this Christmas by providing gifts to not one but two exceptionally vulnerable and marginalized groups:  Syrian women living as refugees and children from low-income households of the Appalachian mountains of Kentucky. 

OUR PLAN:  To gift 300 CHILDREN from rural areas in Kentucky with a cute and cuddly knitted toy, handcrafted by a Syrian woman Love for Syria helps support in Jordan.

Money raised will then be sent to Jordan where we will gift the 60 SYRIAN WOMEN we support with a Christmas Food Basket filled with oil, rice, lentils, beans, tomato paste, laundry soap, dish soap, and other pantry items.  These gifts will be handed out at a special Christmas party for the women, also made possible by your donations. 

OUR TARGET AMOUNT:  $3,000.  This provides handcrafted toys of a $10 value to 300 childrenAND a gift basket with an approximate $50 value to 60 Syrian women.


WHEN:  Love for Syria’s  DOUBLE THE HOPE 2023 Christmas Campaign will run until November 28th.

WHY?  While national and international headlines remain wildly disheartening and even hopeless, today we choose to show up where we feel a tug at the strings of our hearts.  We choose to show up in the lives of people whose circumstances seem insurmountable.  We refuse to lose our interconnectedness as humans and instead, we choose to not lose hope that our best days are in front of us.

Whether we are motivated to give a little extra this Christmas season for the young boy in Kentucky who won’t have anything under the tree this Christmas, or to the Syrian woman who just wants to feed her children this month, or whether we are internally craving greater sense of perspective this holiday season, we invite you to DOUBLE THE HOPE.

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