When you look at these three boys, what young boys in your own life
first come to mind? Brothers? Sons? Nephews? Students? Family
friends? Maybe you see yourself at those ages.

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These photos were taken in Feb 2018. Almost four and a half years
later, these boys are now 11, 13, and 16.

The oldest and youngest have the vision to become engineers. The
middle still undecided.

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All enjoy swimming and playing soccer while not in school. On paper
the words are ordinary, endearing, almost expected.

But their childhood years have been anything but basic. Having fled a
war-torn Syria as young boys, they've spent their formative years
living as refugees in Jordan.


Their mother is one of the 60 women Love for Syria has worked with
since 2013. She continues to knit and sell handcrafted items,
generating a bit of income to support her boys in reaching their


If you'd like to join Love for Syria in the shared goal of continuing
to support the children of Syria, please consider donating at

Where will these boys be in the next four years?


We may not have those exact answers but we do know- without
hesitation- that we'll be there rooting for them.

With love,

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